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Pie shops and bakeries to drive for

by Mark B

Sometimes, I like to get out of the city for a while. Maybe for a daytrip, or maybe a bit longer. But when you’re an hour or so out of Perth, sometimes hunger starts rolling in.

Recently, I’ve come around to the idea that sometimes you just need a good pie to fill the spot. While there is no real shortage of bakeries and pie shops around, in this post I look at some of my favourites that are about an hour or so from Perth. Sometimes they’re good to drop in on the way to somewhere, or your just out exploring.

So, to put the bakeries in some sort of order, I’ll start with bakeries to the North, then work around in a clockwise direction.

Bindoon Bakehaus

Roughly 80 Kilometres to the north of Perth, along the Great Northern Highway we find Bindoon, and the Bindoon Bakehaus This is quite a popular bakery, and has a good range of bakery products.

Toodyay Bakery

Toodyay is just over an hour’s drive to the north-east of Perth. As a bakery, it is a reliable stop if you are looking for a bite to eat or indulge in a coffee. That being said, they make some fine pies, pasties, and sausage rolls.


Bakers Hill Pie Shop

Heading out from Perth, on the way to Northam is Bakers Hill. You’ll know you’re there when you see the Bakers Hill Pie  Shop. It sits beside Great Eastern Highway and is probably the most prominent landmark in the town.

While it calls itself a pie shop, it also seems to serve duty as a local convenience store. However, it is the pies that I am interested in.

Pinjarra Bakery

While it has undergone a bit of an expansion, the original Pinjarra Bakery is to be found in, well, Pinjarra. While its official address is Peel St, being on the corner of South Western Highway makes it easy enough to find. It’s got the usual array of bakery items, including pies.


Miami Bakehouse

The Miami Bakehouse started out as a single shop in Falcon. Over the years it has expanded, and there are now 6 or so stores around.

Having said that, I most frequently visit the shops at the Midway Service Centre on the Forrest Highway, just out of Pinjarra. Not really a destination in itself, but it’s a stop when I head south or return to Perth.

They have quite a range of pies. While they are not the cheapest pies around, they are generally good quality



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