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Perth Twilight Hawkers Market 2018/2019

by Mark B

The Twilight Hawker Markets are Perth’s original street food market. Starting out in 2011, they have been bringing outdoor food to Perth since 2011.

For the 2018/2019 summer, they are running from November 16 until Friday 29 March, every Friday from 4.30pm to 9.30pm.

As usual, the markets showcase a range of savoury and sweet foods from across the globe. In the various stalls you can find Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Moroccan food.

Or maybe you prefer a list of foods. I opted for a bao, but you could have paella, satay sticks,or maybe a curry. The range really is quite diverse.

You can then finish up with ice cream or a donut for dessert – I did.

Having only recently returned to Perth, this was my first time at attending it. As mentioned I opted for a bao, and then went for one of the small batch donuts to round out the meal.


Bahn Mi Store
Creme Brulee
Bomoloni Donut
Up close with an Italian Custard Donut
Pork Baguette
Portuguese Chicken
Hawkers Market

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