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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk – Walpole

by Mark B
Valley Of the Giants - Treetop Walk

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is a popular tourist attraction located about 18km from Walpole. The 600 metre walk takes you 40 metres above the ground through the canopy of a Tingle forest.

While it opened in 1996, I had never actually made the walk around it. On a recent weekend in the Southwest, I decided to give it a go,

Getting there

The walk is located in the Walpole-Narnalup National Park, about 18 kilometres east of Walpole. Or if you are coming the other way, it is 50 kilometers west of Denmark.

All up, that makes it 400 kilometres from Perth. A bit far for a day trip, but worth doing if you are in the area.

If you are really keen, you can actually walk there. The Valley of The Giants Treetop Walk actually sits along the Bibbulmum track, which winds its way from Perth to Albany.

Bibbulmum Track Near Valley Of The Giants

Bibbulmum Track Near Valley Of The Giants

Who can take the walk?

The design of the walkway is suitable for most people. There are no really steep sections, the sections have quite gradual gradients. As such, it is suitable for children of all ages, wheelchairs, and strollers.

Entry Price

Unfortunately, access to the 600 metre-long, elevated Tree Top Walk is not free (for most people!). The published prices are as follows:

  • $21 for adults,
  • $15.50 for concessions,
  • $10.50 for children between 6 and 15,
  • $52.50 for a family of four, and is
  • free for children under 6.

Taking the Walk

The first step of course is to get there. It’s pretty straightforward, just follow the signs on South West Hwy east of Walpole. Once you find the turnoff, it is a short drive to the main car park (or parks).

From there, you have to make your way to the Discovery Centre tobuy your entry ticket.

So, once we get to the entrance, we pay for our ticket, then begin the walk.

Buying A Ticket
Beginning The Walk

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

While the walk gets to 40 metres above the ground, there is no real steep climb – it is quite a gentle rise. Once up there, though, you get a pretty good view of the trees. And some of the trees rise even further than the structure you are walking on.

To put it mildly, the views from the walkway are pretty incredible. Being in amongst the trees, you get to appreciate just how large they are.

When you have completed the lap, you have a choice of going around again. In fact, you could in theory keep going around all day. But you may get a bit over that.

Ancient Empire Walk

You could also take a look at the Ancient Empire Walk. This gives you more of a feel around how the trees are at ground level. This takes you around a range of Red Tingles. This path helps protect the Tingle trees. Due to having a shallow root structure, they can be easily damaged.

The walk is interesting, and you can see the effect of fire on the Red Tingles. It also shows a range of other trees in the area.

Yellow Tingles too
Red Tingles
A Red Tingle
Another Red Tingle
Showing the effect of fire
Didn't see any
More Fire
She Ooak
A She Oak
Another View
Description of a burl
View of a Burl
King Tingle
King Tingle View

Summing Up

Overall, I though the walk was interesting, with some phenomanal views. Yes, it costs a little bit, which may be a sticking point for some.

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